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Avocat à la Cour

The Firm specialises in business dealings between France and Germany, and helps German companies set up and grow in France, representing them before the French courts in the event of disputes.

Having a foot in both cultures enables the Firm to pinpoint exactly what Clients want and need.

Through a first class French-German partnership, the Firm works in close collaboration with German peers.


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The Firm can deal with everything that companies, company officers and associates may require during the various phases of their development, both through giving advice and defending their interests in the course of legal proceedings.
The Firm handles the following types of work:

  • The formation of companies and their legal formalities

  • The drafting, amendment and update of general terms and conditions of sale or use

  • The filing and objection to filing of trademarks

  • Civil and commercial disputes (wrongful breach of contract, unfair competition, commercial leases, debt recovery)

The Firm's best known cases include:

  • Helping a German debt recovery company of international scope expand in France

  • Managing the proceedings for objecting to the filing of French trademarks on behalf of German companies specialising in the international sale of food products

corporate law - commercial law - contract law - consumer and retail law - intellectual property



The Firm has built up special expertise in the field of industrial risks.
The Firm's experience and excellent knowledge of legal expertise allows it to act for manufacturers, distributors, importers, subcontractors, property holders and third parties both with advice and during disputes.
The Firm handles mass follow-on damages claims in the renewable energies industry and in the environmental field, including photovoltaic and agricultural chemicals.

Its cases include representing and acting for a German manufacturer of electromechanical components in a mass follow-on damages claim in a photovoltaic matter.


civil liability (contractual and tort) - defective products - construction - private international law




The Firm can be contacted easily, and is ready to help and quick to respond in emergencies.



Skill, precision and perseverance.



The Firm pays careful attention to its clients’ concerns, and tailors each case to the individual circumstances, to ensure that it produces the best and most appropriate solution.



The Firm has worked in close collaboration with its network of external and international professionals for many years.




Maître Johann BERMAN is a Franco-German lawyer at the Paris bar, who has built up an impressive set of skills in international business.
After having worked in prestigious French and German public institutions, in multinational groups and in well-known Parisian and German law firms, he founded his own law firm.
Johann BERMAN holds a professional lawyer certificate (CAPA) from the Versailles Law School, a Master II degree from Paris X University and an LL.M. law degree from the University of Potsdam. He has studied a bilingual law course in France and Germany.
He speaks three languages – French, German and English – and has been acting for and representing French, German and international companies for several years.

He acts mainly in giving professional advice and in court proceedings. His international network of correspondents allows him to handle disputes in France and abroad.

The Firm's billing is tailored to its clients' needs, and is decided upon and agreed in advance.
Fees are usually billed on the basis of time spent. The hourly rate charged vary between 300 and 350 euros plus VAT depending on the type of work and the complexity of the case.
Where the volume of work justifies it, or the nature of the work allows, fixed fees can be billed.
For complex proceedings or recurring services, a set monthly payment may be offered, with the credit or debit in hours being carried forward to the next month. An adjusting payment can be made quarterly, if required.
Depending on the specifics of the case, an additional fee for a successful result may be charged.

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66, avenue des Champs-Elysées

75008 Paris

+33 (0)1 71 70 24 64

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